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4 easy steps to choose the right rug for your home

Rugs can transform the look of your living space. No matter which room you decide to get a rug for, it will enhance the entire outlook of that space.

Rugs give a feel of sophistication and elegance. Classy rugs are a must for an alluring space. Whether you go for a pattern, plain or traditional rug it is worthy of investment.

Rugs are a way to make your rooms cosy and warm. It adds a welcoming look to the living space. Rugs depict the personality and bring out the true emotions.

Choosing the right rug for your home is not an easy task. It’s possible that you get confused among various patterns, designs, textures and colours. But it is something that should not be done randomly.

To help you select the right rug we have come up with 4 simple steps. These 4 steps are crucial to deciding whether a specific rug is the ONE or not.

How to select the right rug for your space

With so many designs, patterns, and materials to choose from, buying a rug can be quite hectic. But if you follow our guide it’s actually quite easy.

Let’s get you a perfect rug for your home in 4 simple steps.

Lookout for material

Rugs are available in several materials like cotton, linen, jute, sisal, wool, silk, mohair, nylon and dyed acrylic. These materials are categorized into plant-based, natural fibre and synthetic materials.

You will need to emphasize which material looks premium, easy to clean and long lasting. Also, the choice of rug material depends on your home décor concept.

Select the Colour

Before you go out to buy a rug get an idea of your colour scheme. Your rug colour must match well with the colour scheme decided for the décor of the space.

You can go for a rug colour that compliments your solid sofa colour. While buying a rug you can also choose a colour that is in a similar shade to curtains, walls or flooring.

Decide Your Rug Pattern

Selecting the rug pattern depends on the area where you are going to place it. If you are selecting a rug for the living room go for something subtle and welcoming.

On the other hand, if you have decided to put the rug in a high traffic area of the house we recommend buying a dark patterned one. It will save you the effort to clean it frequently.

Your purpose in buying a rug should be clear before you head out to the store. A rug for the living space, bedroom and study room are of different size, style and pattern.

Eye on budget

You will be fascinated with the exquisite rugs at the store. But before buying a rug for our home your budget should be clear.

People often spend beyond their budget on rugs and regret later. To save you from regret it’s recommended that you compare several rugs before buying.

The price of the rugs depends on the material you are choosing. Silk and woollen rugs are the most expensive ones.


It is important to trust your instincts while buying a rug. Rugs are a crucial part of your home décor. Your living space speaks a lot about your personality.

To ensure that your home portrays the best of your personality choose a rug accordingly. It is not always about colour scheme and pattern.

If a rug fascinates you enough to catch your attention, buy it without any second thought.